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Nestled in landscaped gardens with spectacular views of the Tari Valley, Ambua is an award-winning, eco-friendly lodge with 40 roundhouses.

Ambua Lodge is a world-renowned birding destination, with an incredible species count of over 217 birds recorded in the area, which includes 13 species of birds of paradise. Its rainforests have featured in wildlife documentaries, and knowledgeable local birding guides cater for all levels of interest – from early morning bird walks for anyone keen to glimpse its spectacular birdlife, to specialised birding tours for seasoned enthusiasts.

Ambua is surrounded by pristine mid-montane jungle, in which a mass of interlocking treetops create a canopy with occasional splashes of colour provided by high-altitude orchids and rhododendrons. A network of well-kept trails radiates from the lodge out into the wilderness, crossing traditional bridges constructed from lianas and following clear mountain streams to secluded waterfalls. Excursions by minibus to nearby villages offer an opportunity to learn about the traditions and beliefs of the Huli people, in the company of knowledgeable Huli guides who ensure that the experience is both educational and rewarding.

An inspired mix of local, architecture and modest luxury, Ambua Lodge is sensitive to local culture and a fine example of responsible tourism. Accommodation consists of 40 roundhouses built almost exclusively from indigenous materials, each with a panoramic picture window and en suite bathroom. Electric blankets and continental quilts are provided for cool highland evenings. Around-the-clock, eco-friendly electricity is generated by the lodge’s own hydroelectric power plant. The main building has a bar, dining and lounge areas and a cosy central fireplace.

Tari is home to one of the most immediately recognizable cultures in Papua New Guinea - the Huli Wigmen - a proud, flamboyant tribe known for their ornate ceremonial 'wigs', with dances and songs fashioned on that of the mating ritual of the bird of paradise.

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This accommodation is featured in the following itineraries:

Culture & Birds of Paradise Photography

Join award-winning wildlife photographer Bret Charman in Papua New Guinea, and visit three of the country’s finest bird and wildlife locations. Take in lowland and montane rainforests, with enchanting cultural exchanges and festivals that offer compelling, colourful insights and photographic potential.

  • When to go: Jun-Jul
  • Duration inc. flights: 19 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £11,695 pp
  • Trip type: Group tour

Birding in Paradise

An ideal location for birders, Papua New Guinea’s forests are home to a remarkable 700 species that includes 38 of the world’s 43 birds of paradise. Based in excellent remote wilderness lodges, knowledgeable local guides will introduce you to the country's extraordinary wealth of culture and wildlife.

  • When to go: Jan-Dec
  • Duration inc. flights: 16 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £8,945 pp
  • Trip type: Tailor-made trip idea
This accommodation is located in:

Tari Valley

Also home to the flamboyant Huli people, the Tari Valley is a utopia of pristine, mid-montane jungle, a birdwatcher's paradise! An eiderdown of interlocking tree tops, with splashes of colour from high altitude orchids. Nature trails take you across traditional vine bridges, tracing clear mountain streams to secluded waterfalls.

  • Where: Central Highlands
  • Ideal for viewing: crested bird of paradise, short-tailed paradigalia, ribbon-tailed astrapia, Lawe’s parotia, King of Saxony bird of paradise
  • Excellent for: Birdwatching