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This ecolodge in Bale Mountains National Park offers eight spacious rooms, constructed from stone and timber with thatched roofs.

Its stunning location amidst cloud forest was carefully chosen to provide an opportunity to experience the pristine wilderness that incorporates Africa’s largest remaining tract of alpine moorland, most of which lies at an altitude of more than 3,800 metres.

Marked tracks lead to a hot spring, up onto the plateau, or into the forest, which teems with wildlife; of particular note is the rare and endangered Ethiopian wolf, as well as endemic Bale monkeys, which are routinely seen close to the lodge, along with spectacular birdlife. Other primates, rare cats and unusual plants may be seen, and each walk offers a different experience. 

Each room at the Bale Mountain Lodge has a wood-burning stove and private terrace, and enjoys exceptional views of the lovely surroundings. The central building, fashioned from local stone, nestles into the hillside, minimising its visual impact. The dining area, built in traditional ‘tukul’ style with a thatched roof, has a sweep of windows with fine views of the clearing and mountains beyond, and a sunken fireplace creates a snug area for chilly evenings. Furniture is made locally using sustainable wood supplies, and all soft furnishings locally sourced – with an emphasis on comfort and Ethiopian style.

In keeping with its eco-credentials, electricity is generated by a nearby micro-hydro plant, and the lodge is committed to minimising non-biodegradable waste through various innovative methods. All firewood is from sustainable sources, and briquettes are pressed from waste paper to provide additional fuel and minimise wood consumption.

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  • Available*: Jan-Jul: Closed in August; Sep-Dec * The dates shown are when the accommodation is generally available. Please enquire for specific availability.

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This accommodation is located in:

Bale Mountains National Park

The Bale Mountains form a high altitude plateau, broken by spectacular volcanic peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and mountain streams descending through deep rocky gorges into the lowlands. The area is home to an incredibly high number of endemics, including the world’s rarest canid, the Ethiopian wolf.

  • Where: Oromia Region
  • Ideal for viewing: Ethiopian wolf, giant mole-rat, Menelik’s bushbuck, mountain nyala, Rougets’s rail
  • Excellent for: Vehicle safaris, Wolf watching