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Located in the historic port of Horta on the island of Faial, this four star hotel is just across from the marina from where whale watching excursions depart.

Situated on the main oceanfront avenue, the hotel has breathtaking views over the bay and the mountain of the neighbouring island of Pico. A relatively modern 4-storey construction, it offers comfort, excellent service, and is close to all major points of interest. Accommodation comprises 103 rooms (90 doubles/twins, 7 singles, 2 junior suites and 2 disabled access rooms). Facilities include a restaurant, bar and jacuzzi.

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This accommodation is featured in the following itinerary:

Sperm Whales & Bottlenose Dolphins

Help a team of researchers and scientists in the Azores with an ongoing study of sperm whales, and learn more about these mysterious creatures as they migrate north, as well as the behaviour of the charismatic and intelligent bottlenose dolphin. The trip also offers the chance to dive with blue sharks.

  • When to go: May-Sep
  • Duration inc. flights: 6 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £1,495 pp
  • Trip type: Group tour
This accommodation is located in:

Faial Island

Faial Island is part of the “Central Group” of the Azores archipelago. Just 21km in length, its narrow lanes are lined with colourful hydrangeas and the views from the caldeira – the extinct volcano that created the island – are spectacular. It’s a great place to walk and several routes are waymarked.

  • Where: Central Islands
  • Ideal for viewing: bottlenose dolphin, pilot whale, Risso’s dolphin, sperm whale, sei whale
  • Excellent for: Just Conservation, Whale watching, Dolphin watching