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With views of the spectacular landscape from private decks, Jawai Leopard Camp’s luxurious tents are the perfect base from which to explore the wildlife found on the edge of Rajasthan's Jawai Bandh.

A dining tent and discreetly located spa form part of this well-appointed encampment, while each comfortable tent looks out upon unobstructed views of the dramatic wilderness. Constructed from local stone and stainless steel with a collection of hand-crafted artefacts, these elegant ensuite tents provide luxury amidst the wilderness.

The highlight of any visit to Jawai is the opportunity to observe the thriving population of leopard. Early morning game drives in customised jeeps, accompanied by a driver/tracker and a naturalist guide, will provide the best chances of spotting these fascinating felines in the wild. Aside from these fascinating felines, the nearby Jawai Bandh – the largest water reservoir in western Rajasthan – attracts an abundance of water birds including demoiselle crane, sarus crane, flamingo and bar-headed goose. There may even be the opportunity to see hyena, wolf and jackal, as well as crocodile, approaching the nearby waterways.

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Located in Rajasthan between Udaipur and Jodhpur, Jawai is a unique wilderness where wild grasslands and pastoral fields meet the waters of the Jawai Bandh - the largest water reservoir in western Rajasthan - which attracts an abundance of flamingos, cranes, and the elusive leopard.

  • Where: Rajasthan State
  • Ideal for viewing: leopard, marsh crocodile, demoiselle crane, sarus crane, bar-headed goose
  • Excellent for: Photography tours with Nick Garbutt, Vehicle safaris