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Situated on the shores of Lake Garzacocha, close to the Napo River, this award-winning ecolodge offers luxury accommodation in airy bamboo cabañas amidst the Amazon rainforest.

La Selva Lodge consists of 18 spacious suites, inspired by native bamboo designs, offering scenic views of Lake Garzcocha or the surrounding forest.  

Activities – some of which are more challenging than others – include excursions with a local naturalist guide into the Amazon jungle of unparalleled biodiversity. There are many trails, plus a 45-metre observation tower, and a large butterfly farm. 

Located 90 kilometres from Coca, access is by motorised canoe, followed by a short hike and a brief paddle across Garzcocha Lagoon.

Key info

This accommodation is located in:

Ecuadorian Amazon

This vast rainforest east of the Andes protects more species of plant and mammal than any area of similar size. It is home to an astonishing repertoire of wildlife, including 15% of the world’s bird species. There are over 100 species of mammals, and a network of rivers, steams and lakes to explore by boat or canoe.

  • Where: Amazon
  • Ideal for viewing: blue and yellow macaw, harpy eagle, jaguar, three-toed sloth, capybara
  • Excellent for: Birdwatching