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Malolo Plantation Lodge is a serene retreat with gardens of palm trees, located on the north coast of Papua new Guinea. A place where you can be lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of the ocean, and wake to the morning call of tropical birds.

In the Tok Pisin language, Malolo means ‘rest’, and eveything here is designed with relaxation in mind. Accommodation consists of 14 air-conditioned rooms, each with an en suite bathroom, private balcony and stunning ocean view. The main lodge with its restaurant, bar and comfortable lounge area is set amidst extensive lawns and palm trees, just a stone’s throw away from a tranquil private beach and freshwater swimming pool.

The area is alive with an unparalleled diversity of plant, animal and bird life, and the coastline is a world of discovery for snorkellers, divers and anyone interested in marine ecology. You can take a trip by traditional canoe to visit an uninhabited island where you can snorkel or go for a guided nature walk; you can also arrange sea kayaking and scuba diving.

Daily cultural tours visit nearby coastal villages where the gentle local people still live mostly off the ocean, the forests and the land, in complete harmony with their surroundings. You will learn how they use forest plants and fruits for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, and see women make skirts, as they have for centuries, from local grasses, coloured with dyes made from forest plants, berries and mineral-bearing clays. All tours are accompanied by knowledgeable local guides and guests travel in new air-conditioned buses.

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