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Located over 3,000 metres above sea level in a humid montane forest, Papallacta Lodge is just one and a half hours away from Quito.

Nestled high in the Andean Cordillera at the entrance of the Amazonian jungle, Papallacta features several hot thermal spring pools of different sizes and temperatures. Resort facilities include a restaurant offering local and international cuisine with its main specialty of fresh trout. Guests may also trek along several marked paths alongside pristine mountain streams, observing the habitat of condors, pumas and spectacled bears, among other indigenous species.

The lodge is just one and a half hours away from Quito.

Key info

This accommodation is located in:

Papallacta & Antisana

Nestling at the foot of Antisana volcano, Papallacta’s scenery is spectacular with rocky peaks and a vast sweep of bleak páramo above the tree line. At Antisanilla you can see an impressive lava flow and a deep canyon where Andean condor are regularly sighted. Gentians and orchids surround the many lakes.

  • Where: Napo Province
  • Ideal for viewing: Andean lapwing, Andean teal, black-faced ibis, black-winged dove, carunculated caracara
  • Excellent for: Birdwatching