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Deep within the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, this lodge overlooks the stunning Sandoval Lake – a biologically diverse area within the wildlife-rich Tambopata National Reserve.

Accommodation consists of 25 fully-screened en suite rooms, with hot-water showers, electricity (at certain times of the day), ceiling fans and mosquito nets. The main area consists of a dining room, lounge and bar area with hammocks.

Jointly owned by a non-profit company and five families of local Brazil nut collectors, the eco-lodge is constructed from reclaimed driftwood mahogany, and specialises in conserving the lake and surrounding forest.

Home to a diversity of wildlife including the giant river otter, black caiman, six species of monkey and remarkable birdlife including the prehistoric hoatzin, Sandoval Lake is exclusively accessible for lodge guests in the early morning and late afternoon – the choice timings for wildlife viewing and photography. 

Key info

This accommodation is located in:

Tambopata National Reserve

Located in the Peruvian Amazon Basin, Tambopata National Reserve encompasses a vast area of protected lowland rainforest and palm swamps with an impressive biodiversity, including over 600 bird species, 200 mammal species, 1,000 butterfly species and an astonishing 10,000 species of plant.

  • Where: Madre de Dios (Peruvian Amazon Basin)
  • Ideal for viewing: red-and-green macaw, capybara, giant otter, spider monkey, scarlet macaw
  • Excellent for: Wildlife photography, Photography tours with Nick Garbutt, Birdwatching