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Africa, home of the safari, offers extraordinary wildlife adventures with plentiful opportunities to see many of the world’s most iconic animals and birds in the company of the finest guides.


This independent republic – not to be confused with the adjoining Democratic Republic of the Congo – borders Gabon, Cameroon, Cabinda and the Central African Republic. The country's equatorial rainforests are currently considered to harbour the major population of western lowland gorillas, protected by remote, swampy forest.


This small and narrow West African country is a little known destination, yet The Gambia is home to more than 570 bird species and a great diversity of mammals. Accessible via a six-hour direct flight from the UK, visitors can stay in a range of camps and lodges set in tranquil, wildlife-rich forests along the River Gambia.


Rwanda is known as the ‘land of thousand hills’ due to its terrain of mountains and volcanoes. Roughly half of the world’s mountain gorilla population is found here. These gorillas have become particularly famous thanks to Dian Fossey and her pioneering studies of their behaviour for more than 20 years.