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Asia, the world's largest continent, is known for its diverse culture, coupled with exciting wildlife, from big cats to iconic great apes, as well as a plethora of fascinating birdlife in a wide range of habitats.


An archipelago of over 7,000 islands, Japan’s wildlife and landscape are incredibly diverse. In the winter months, the northerly island of Hokkaido plays host to dancing Japanese cranes and huge Steller’s sea eagles, whilst the snow covered hills of the Japanese Alps are the abode of hot spring bathing Japanese macaques.


At the heart of the Himalayas, overlooked by the world’s highest mountains, Nepal is a truly spectacular country with a rich blend of Buddhist and Hindu culture and a remarkably diverse range of habitat stretching from snow-capped mountains to low-lying forest, which give rise to an exceptional variety of birds and mammals


Russia, the largest country in the world, stretches for 8000 kilometres from the Baltic Sea right across Northern Asia to the shores of the Pacific. Covering a staggering nine time zones, this immense area boasts a wide range of natural environments, ethnic peoples, and flora and fauna.