Brazil is dominated by the Amazon basin and its swathe of rainforest. However numerous national parks contain varied habitats ranging from coastal forest, savannah and mountain to the world’s largest wetland – the Pantanal – that house the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Attractions include imposing Iguaçu Falls and dazzling Atlantic beaches.


Historically, Guiana consisted of the region north of the Amazon and east of the Orinoco – the "Land of many waters". Colonised by the Dutch, it became a British colony – British Guiana – for over 200 years until independence in 1966. Guyana is the only South American nation with English as its language.


Lying between the United States and the Central American isthmus, Mexico has Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, separated by extensions of the Rocky Mountains. The volcanic Sierra Nevada runs east-west with peaks reaching over 5,000 metres. This contorted topography explains the region’s remarkable biodiversity.


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