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9 locations rich in wildlife to discover…

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When to go

April and May bring green landscapes, fresh air and clear skies. Wildlife viewing is best during the driest spell in September and October before the rains from November to March.


  • Green season

    Jan to Apr: Very hot with occasional violent thunderstorms
  • Dry season

    May to Oct: Clear and sunny days, but cold at night
  • Green season

    Nov to Dec: High temperatures and sporadic rainfall

Wildlife events

  • May to Sep: Dry season: wildlife concentrated around Etosha’s waterholes
  • Nov to Apr: Migratory birds flock to Etosha after summer rains
  • Jan to Feb: Plains game such as springbok and zebra give birth
  • Sep to Oct: Carmine and European bee-eaters in the Caprivi Strip
  • Jul to Aug: Predators visible around waterholes
  • Mar to Apr: Best month for birding

Places to stay

24 related places to stay. But there are more options we can offer, just ask us for more details.


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