2 recommended wildlife locations. The species listed below are just a selection of those you may see.


Bergslagen is an historically, culturally, and linguistically distinct district located north of Lake Mälaren in south central Sweden. It covers part of the historical provinces of Västmanland, the southern part of Dalarna and eastern part of Värmland, and is a tapestry of forests and lakes interspersed with agricultural land.

  • Ideal for viewing: Moose, Wolf, Black grouse, Great grey owl, Eurasian beaver
  • Excellent for: Photography tours with Nick Garbutt


This historic province of central Sweden lies three hours drive north of Stockholm, roughly halfway along the country’s length. The rocky, mountainous terrain slopes gently from a maximum altitude of 600 metres down to the Baltic coastline, and is covered largely with dense forest – a perfect habitat for brown bears!

  • Ideal for viewing: Brown bear, Wolf, Moose, Roe deer, Golden eagle
  • Excellent for: Photography tours with Nick Garbutt

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Golden Eagles in Winter

The winter snows provide fantastic opportunities – along with a number of technical challenges – to photograph golden eagles in their natural setting in the coniferous forest.

  • Trip type: Group tour
  • Duration exc. international flights: 4 days

When to go

Sweden has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. However temperatures vary greatly and the subarctic north has short, cool summers and long, cold winters.


  • Winter

    Jan to Mar: Northern Sweden is covered with snow; short daylight hours. 
  • Spring

    Apr to May: The days grow longer, the snow disappears and lake ice melts.
  • Summer

    Jun to Sep: The days are long; above the Arctic Circle the midnight sun appears.
  • Autumn

    Oct to Dec: Days grow shorter, temperatures start to fall, the first snow falls and migratory birds depart.

Wildlife events

  • Feb to Mar: The best time to see golden eagles
  • Apr to May: Capercaillies lek and great grey owls are visible late April and early May
  • Apr to Sep: Best time to see beavers
  • May: Moose calves are born
  • Jun to Aug: Brown bears are active and foraging in the forest
  • Aug to Sep: Moose rutting season, when the bulls have their full antlers


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