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Lamar Valley

The Lamar Valley is located in the remote northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park, and is one of the best places to view wolves, as several packs live here. These isolated rolling grasslands become a blanket of long grass meadows during the summer months, but are virtually inaccessible during winter.

  • Destination: USA


Viiksimo is located between two nature reserves – Elimyssalo and Iso-Palonen – in an area that is a tapestry of small lakes, numerous ponds, pine heaths and eskers. Right in the midst of the Finnish wilderness, it is a great place to watch and photograph bears, wolverines and wolves.

  • Destination: Finland

Bale Mountains National Park

The Bale Mountains form a high altitude plateau, broken by spectacular volcanic peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and mountain streams descending through deep rocky gorges into the lowlands. The area is home to an incredibly high number of endemics, including the world’s rarest canid, the Ethiopian wolf.

  • Destination: Ethiopia

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is dominated by its forest covered mountains and, because of its location on the North American plate, also experiences volcanic activity in the form of geysers, of which Old Faithful is the most famous. This relatively unique geography has attracted over 60 different animal species.

  • Destination: USA

Kuikka Lake

Located in Finland's Kuhmo region, directly opposite the Russian border, Kuikka Lake is surrounded by boreal forest, the typical habitat of brown bear, wolverine, wolf and white-tailed eagle. The surroundings are composed of wetlands and open grassland, offering good visibility for spotting wildlife.

  • Destination: Finland

Schmok Lake

Located in Manitoba’s barren land, 230 kilometres northwest of Churchill, Schmok Lake is the perfect location to witness the incredible phenomenon of the caribou migration. This pristine wilderness region benefits from an untouched and rich ecosystem which in turn affords rare wildlife-viewing opportunities.

  • Destination: Canada

Yukon Territory

The Yukon borders Alaska on its western edge and British Columbia to the south, and is one of three Canadian territories (rather than provinces). The entire region is dominated by pristine wilderness, home to many of North America’s iconic animals, such as black bear and brown bear, and the mighty Yukon River.

  • Destination: Canada


Situated on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, the grasslands and rocky outcrops of Ruoergai are one of the few places to see China’s iconic cats – Pallas’s cat and Chinese mountain cat. Tibetan fox and wolf are also spotted here, making it an excellent location to see the region’s predators.

  • Destination: China