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Edinburgh: Discover Spitsbergen & Uganda

Free entry. , 7:00 pm to at Channings Hotel, 12 - 16 South Learmonth Gardens, Edinburgh EH4 1EZ , United Kingdom Venue web site Google map

Spitsbergen: Land of Ice & Bears

Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, is a place like no other. Famed for its rugged beauty, pristine wilderness and remarkable wildlife, Svalbard should be at the top of any wildlife traveller’s list. Discover the region’s rich natural history as Bret takes you on a cruise around the island of Spitsbergen. Marvel at the beauty of vast fjords, towering peaks, vast glaciers, the Arctic ice sheet and wondrous encounters with species such as polar bear and blue whale.

Speaker: Bret Charman

Photo of Bret Charman

Bret Charman is an award-winning wildlife photographer and a member of the Marketing team at Wildlife Worldwide. It is the fantastic flora and fauna around Winchester that inspired his love affair with the natural world. He thrives on discovering what’s happening on his local patch, as well as in those more exotic locations a little further afield.

Secrets of Uganda

Uganda has an abundance of relatively un-tapped and unique wildlife experiences to impress even the most experienced traveller. The northern sections of Chidepo and Murchison Falls provide picturesque settings to observe large quantities of typical African plains game and predators, and the southern areas of the country offer opportunities to encounter mountain gorilla and chimpanzee, as well as some of the best places in East Africa to see leopard, tree-climbing lions and a substantial array of primates. The abundance of water attracts remarkable birdlife and the River Nile, Lakes Victoria, Albert and George all provide exciting bird encounters, including opportunities to encounter the illusive shoebill. 

Speaker: Nick Joynes

Photo of Nick Joynes

Nick spent 10 years working in TV before being bitten by the travel bug in the late 90s and embarking on a round-the-world journey. Keen to encourage others to do the same, Nick was instrumental in creating a successful youth expedition company, and has since re-focused on wildlife and remote locations as a director of The Travelling Naturalist and Wildlife Worldwide.

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