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An incredible adventure to the remote Schmok Lake to witness the migration of the Canadian ‘central barren ground’ caribou, and observe black bears and polar bears from one of the finest Arctic eco lodges.

This is an unmissable journey as you get a unique chance to traverse over 20,000 square kilometres of Arctic wilderness, home to wolves, caribou, moose, three species of bear, Arctic fox, wolverine, beaver and pine marten. As you travel through this untouched eco-system, you will cross the caribou migration route with a chance to observe the natural phenomenon of half a million individuals crossing over the Arctic in search of greener pastures.

Typical Itinerary

  1. Day 1: Fly to Winnipeg

    Fly to Winnipeg on a daytime flight, and make your way to your overnight hotel. This evening you have an orientation dinner with other members of your group.

    Accommodation: The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview, 1-night

  2. Day 2: Fly to Churchill, Manitoba, transfer to eco-lodge by light aircraft

    In the morning transfer to the airport for your flight north to the small isolated community of Churchill. With a breathtaking view of the Hudson Bay coast, you head north-west to Seal River Heritage Lodge, one of the most exclusive eco-lodges in the Arctic. 

    Accommodation: Seal River Heritage Lodge

  3. Days 3-7 : Polar bear & black bear viewing; Schmok Lake caribou migration

    For the next five days you are in for a treat on this true wilderness adventure. There will be plenty of activities including tundra trekking to look for polar bears, observing beluga whales on migration, the chance to see black and maybe grizzly bears, wolves and Arctic fox in the company of an expert naturalist guide.  A small charter plane will take you on am exhilarating two day trip to Schmok Lake, one of the most pristine part of the Arctic, where you will observe from your tundra camp the beautiful phenomenon of the Canadian central barren ground caribou migration.

    Your last night will be spent at the Schmok Lake Tundra Camp

  4. Day 8: Transfer to Churchill by light aircraft, then fly to Winnipeg

    This morning there is a chance for last-minute photo opportunities before a charter flight back to Churchill after breakfast. Upon arrival into Churchill you will have free time to explore the town and local places of interest before continuing to Winnipeg later in the afternoon.

    Accommodation: The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview, 1-night

  5. Day 9: Depart Winnipeg

  6. Day 10: Arrive UK

Key info

  • Duration and price including flights from/to UK: 10 days from £10,295 pp
  • Duration and price excluding international flights: 9 days from £9,545 pp
  • Group size: 15
  • Departures:
  • Included in the price/package:
    • Return flights between Winnipeg and Churchill
    • Charter flight to Schmok Lake
    • Transfers
    • 7 nights hotel accommodation
    • 1 night tundra camp
    • Most meals
    • Guided activities
  • Activities available:
    • Nature drive
    • Photography
    • Walking
    • Glacier walking
Featured locations:

Hudson Bay

The Hudson Bay Lowlands are a wetland, and serve as part of the migration route for polar bears heading south. An area of transition between boreal forest and tundra, Hudson Bay is host to a large diversity of wildlife, the greatest occurring in the spring, with the arrival of migrating birds and newborn animals.

  • Where: Manitoba
  • Ideal for viewing: American beaver, American black bear, polar bear, willow ptarmigan, caribou
  • Excellent for: Walking safaris, Vehicle safaris, Walking with wildlife, Bear watching, Polar bear watching


Due to its location at the confluence of two major rivers that provide access to an extensive network of canoe routes, Winnipeg was a trading post for First Nations peoples long before the first Europeans arrived. It serves as a gateway to Churchill in northern Manitoba, where our polar bear tours start.

  • Where: Manitoba
  • Excellent for: City stopover


Churchill is known as the ‘Polar Bear and Beluga Whale Capital of the World’ and lies right in the migratory path of polar bears, as they head north onto the ice floes to spend the winter hunting seals. Situated in Northern Manitoba, the coastline here is so remote that it has not changed in thousands of years.

  • Where: Manitoba
  • Ideal for viewing: Arctic fox, polar bear, ptarmigan, snowy owl, gyrfalcon
  • Excellent for: Vehicle safaris, Bear watching, Polar bear watching

Schmok Lake

Located in Manitoba’s barren land, 230 kilometres northwest of Churchill, Schmok Lake is the perfect location to witness the incredible phenomenon of the caribou migration. This pristine wilderness region benefits from an untouched and rich ecosystem which in turn affords rare wildlife-viewing opportunities.

  • Where: Manitoba
  • Ideal for viewing: polar bear, wolf, beluga whale, Arctic fox, caribou
  • Excellent for: Walking safaris, Flying safaris, Vehicle safaris, Wolf watching
Featured accommodation:

Schmok Lake Caribou Camp

Located in the remoteness of the Arctic and accessible only by helicopter or light aircraft, this camp's isolation ensures an outstanding wildlife experience, with wolves, Arctic foxes, wolverines and caribou all resident in the area. Accommodation consists of five traditional tundra cabins with two shared bathrooms.

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Strategically sited on the Hudson Bay shoreline, Seal River Heritage Lodge is rustic yet comfortable, providing an excellent opportunity to see polar bears in the snow. From the lodge you can photograph Arctic wildlife and get a bird’s eye view of amazing sunsets and sunrises from the viewing towers.