Wildlife delights in Zambia

Sometimes when you go on a wildlife holiday everything clicks, the right animals and birds are in the right places at the right time - as was the case in South Luangwa. On our first game drive we had wild dog, tree climbing leopard, lion and a multitude of elephants.

The visit to the bats was something difficult to describe but to watch around 9 million bats leaving the roost at dusk and returning at daybreak is something to behold.  In the Bangweulu wetlands of Northern Zambia and with the help of ecologist Frank Willems, we were able to find… Read on


Patagonia Photo Tour 2016

Punta Arenas in Chile lies at the bottom of South America and feels a bit like the end of the world. To get there is time consuming from anywhere – two days from the UK - but it's worthwhile because it provides the gateway to the wilds of Patagonia and the grandeur of Torres del Paine National Park.

For a long time Torres del Paine had been high on my ‘bucket list’ not only because of the sumptuous mountain scenery but also because of its reputation for puma watching. I’ve travelled a lot in the Rockies of North America where pumas (mountain lions) are a ghost-like presence… Read on


Festival of Whales 2016

To see grey whales in San Ignacio Lagoon is one thing, to interact with them is another, to have so many whales around the boat wanting to play with you that you don’t know where to turn is in a different league altogether.

It is impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t witnessed the spectacle, who hasn’t been taken into the world of the grey whales, what it is like. But I can tell you that there is nothing like it on earth. No wildlife experience you will ever have had in your life, whether in Africa,… Read on


Namibia: A Living Desert (Part II)

Our destination was the Hoanib - one of the last true wilderness areas of Africa. An important ephemeral river that forms a corridor for wildlife between the western concessions of Etosha and the Skeleton Coast, the Hoanib stretches more than 250 kilometres to the coast and harnesses rainwater from a catchment area spreading well over 17,000 kilometres.

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘ephemeral’ river, it’s a river that only flows for a few days every few years. For the Hoanib, heavy rain in the hinterland causes a massive flood down its valley. Most of this seeps into the ground, and very rarely does the water actually reach… Read on


Free flights on selected Galápagos voyages

Travel to the Galápagos Islands in 2016 on board La Pinta or Santa Cruz vessels and get free domestic flights up to a value of US$500 per person.

Having never been connected to another landmass, these volcanic islands have a unique biological identity, and due to the absence of large predators, wildlife shows little or no fear of man. It is therefore possible to approach and photograph birds, mammals and reptiles openly and very closely.… Read on


Yellowstone 2016 - Wildlife in White

Winter in Yellowstone is very different and very special: the traffic jams and crowds of summer have been replaced by those wishing to experience solitude and the more extreme icy and snow-laden landscapes. Our first four days in the park had been very good, following the road from Gardiner to Mammoth and on to the Lamar Valley. Highlights included sparring bison, coyotes hunting, bighorn sheep grazing moose browsing, and a distant pack of wolves feeding.

But the trip really ‘hit its stride’ when we re-entered the park at the West Entrance and mirrored the course of the Madison River. After a tip off we knew one or more bobcats were frequenting the area, so it was worth looking closely. Our first drive up river proved fruitless,… Read on


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