The Great Migration photo tour - March 2014

Can you have too much of a good thing? Well in some instances certainly yes, but in others definitely no. I’ve just returned from the Serengeti, somewhere I’ve been lucky enough to visit numerous times during the past two decades and on each occasion it has delivered amazing wildlife experiences that have not diminished or been tarnished over the years. Each trip serves up different highlights, and never have I come away feeling it wasn’t as good as last time or thinking simply isn’t what it used to be.

The annual migration of 1½ million wildebeest and ¾ million zebra remains one of those ‘must see’ events for any wildlife enthusiast or photographer. It’s often justifiably been called the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’. So often TV documentaries… Read on


Discover the wildlife of British Columbia

British Columbia (BC) on the west coast of Canada is renowned for its spectacular national parks, abundant with wildlife. And the province’s incredible scenery includes ancient temperate rainforests, alpine meadows, hot springs, fjords to rival Norway with thousands of islands, and majestic mountain ranges, with many peaks rising to more than 3,000 metres (around 10,000 feet).

There are few places better than BC to enjoy whale, bear or bird watching, and some creatures you will find nowhere else in the wild, notably the ‘spirit bear’, a sub-species of the American black bear (also known as the Kermode bear). There is so much to offer but… Read on


Yellowstone photo tour - February 2014

With a biting cold breeze gnawing at my exposed face, I gazed across the blinding white expanses of the snow-covered Lamar Valley. Focusing binoculars with numb fingers was awkward, yet a warming glow spread through me the instant the scene pulled into focus. On the edge of a line of conifers stood a wolf, grey and shaggy with visible piercing yellow eyes that were clearly taking in so much more than I could see for myself. Is there any other animal alive that epitomizes the wild more than a wolf? I doubt it.

Wolves are the beating heart of Yellowstone: their influence spreads way beyond the obvious and is interwoven into the fabric of the world’s first and oldest national park. Intuitively you think that must have always been so, but the reality is that wolves only returned to Yellowstone in the… Read on


Meet the grizzly bears of Yukon

Each autumn grizzly bears arrive in great numbers at Bear Cave Mountain in the wilds of North Yukon, where the thermal activity provides ideal conditions for salmon to make their way upriver to spawn.

Writer Brian Jackman was lucky enough to observe the spectacle of these splendid predators gorging on salmon. You can find his article and video in The Telegraph online - here is a taster to whet your appetite…. “Winter comes early to Bear Cave Mountain. On… Read on


Tundra Lodge polar bear adventure, Canada

Jan Lyndon travelled with us to Churchill in the Canadian Arctic, one of the best places in the world to see polar bears. Since being involved in a serious road traffic accident in 1997, she has been registered disabled, yet this wasn’t going to stop her experiencing the trip of a lifetime. We are pleased to share Jan’s feedback.

Prior to my accident I had been a keen traveller and, despite my disabilities, wished to resume this interest as soon as I was able. I have been fortunate enough to visit numerous countries since, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Iceland and Canada. However, it is impossible for me… Read on


Festival of Whales San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California

After 30 years of travelling the world looking at wildlife and enjoying (almost) every moment of it, I have finally found the ultimate, the finest, the absolute pinnacle of wildlife viewing in the natural world - seeing grey whales in their calving and breeding grounds in Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon.

After being decimated by 20th century whalers the grey whale population on the western side of the Pacific has been all but eliminated and it was not much different for the eastern Pacific population. However, amazingly the eastern Pacific population (or Californian grey whales) has… Read on


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