Discover Wildlife Series

Our Discover Wildlife events are a series of themed evenings held throughout the UK from September to March each year. The evenings feature two inspirational presentations from wildlife experts and guest speakers from around the world. The events are free of charge and will appeal to anyone who has an interest in wildlife and travel.

We are currently planning the schedule for this autumn and will be announcing the dates and locations very soon. To pre-register your interest in attending please contact us by email or call the team on 01962 302086. Date Location Talks 24 Sep 15  Margate… Read on


Save £300 on Bubble-net Bonanza in Alaska

August is prime time to experience the phenomenon of humpback whales bubble-netting feeding in Alaska.

Join us on this unique wildlife cruise on board the Snow Goose, as we sail Chatham Strait and Frederick Sound to witness this spectacle of nature. You will spend several days sailing alongside the whales, studying their fascinating behaviour as they come together to feed – you’ll… Read on


Exploring the Realm of the Tiger in the Footsteps of Rudyard Kipling
(Part 2)

India’s new safari regulations, which have created zones in the country’s national parks and reduced the number of vehicles allowed in at any one time, have improved the visitor experience dramatically for visitors and wildlife alike, as the parks are less crowded and so much more enjoyable as a result.

Only four hours drive from Kanha, another tiger reserve takes its name from the Pench River. The main access to Pench National Park is via Turia Gate in the south of the park, but this can get busy as up to 25 vehicles are still allowed to enter at any one time here. However we drove one hour… Read on


Exploring the Realm of the Tiger in the Footsteps of Rudyard Kipling

Who hasn’t read ‘The Jungle Book’ as a child, and dreamed of being Mowgli and living in the wilderness? So it was with huge anticipation and excitement that I visited the two of the places that fed Kipling’s imagination – the tiger reserves of Kanha and Pench – although he never actually set foot in either location, and only learned of them from a friend.

The minute we headed out with an expert naturalist guide on a private safari into Kanha’s luxuriant forest – composed of sal and bamboo trees, plus the odd legendary banyan – I felt as if I had stepped into Mowgli’s wonderland. We heard the alarm call of black-faced… Read on


£200 off Finland Brown Bear Explorer

Enjoy a week with brown bears in Finland this summer, with £200 per person discount.

Martinselkonen Nature Reserve is one of the best places in Europe to view and photograph brown bears. On our 'Brown Bear Explorer' tour, from hides located in the forest, you can see these endearing creatures from as close as five metres away, You will then move on to Viiksimo,… Read on


Australia's natural history

Does any other creature signify an entire continent so obviously as the kangaroo? Even as simple silhouettes, kangaroos are unmistakably Australian. Kangaroos have enthralled me all my life - but how did they get here and where do they come from? Just like them - and the land they live on - the story of the kangaroo is unique; it goes back to the final, spectacular, breakup of the southern supercontinent called Gondwana.

There is a place in Australia where you can touch this story; it’s my favourite place. This wilderness paradise on the south-eastern corner of Australia is called far East Gippsland; it was one of the last places connected to Gondwana. If you stand on a beach looking southwards over… Read on


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