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We write about our destinations, itineraries, and more generally, wildlife and conservation issues at home and overseas. Here you’ll find articles from customers and experts, including ourselves, and any offers we think you should know about.

Sperm Whales & Spectacular Auroras

Our first group of the 2019 season was fortunate to coincide with a period of relatively stable weather with mostly calm seas and clear skies. We… Read on


Namibia’s Hidden Delights

Join Wildlife Worldwide's Nick Joynes on our ‘Namibia – A Living Desert’ small group adventure to explore the beautiful and surprising country… Read on


Polar bears on the pack-ice

Our Festival of Wildlife travels to Spitsbergen in 2020, accompanied by an expert team of naturalists, photographers and expedition crew. This… Read on


Borneo’s Deramakot Forest Reserve

In recent years, Deramakot Forest Reserve in eastern Sabah has gained a reputation for its reliable sightings of one of the world’s rarest big cats,… Read on


Discovering Zimbabwe

"Gwara renzou is the local name for the Milky Way and it means Elephant Pathway”. Our guide Cloud explained the constellations of the unbeatable… Read on


Magical Mana Pools

People often say that Africa gets under your skin, or perhaps it runs in your blood, but Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park has an even greater… Read on


Borneo: A Special Place for Mammals

In April this year I was fortunate enough to travel with my wife to the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo, our second visit to this… Read on


Bird Photographer of the Year

We are delighted to sponsor the 2019 Bird Photographer of the Year’s exciting new category:– Wildlife Worldwide’s Inspirational Encounters. Read on