Sympathy for the devil

You may not even have heard of the weird carnivorous marsupial known as the Tasmanian (or Tassie) devil, which is found only in remote Tasmania, but sadly in recent times this animal become infamous for the disease that decimated its population and left the entire species at risk of extinction. However the good news coming out of my recent visit to Australia is that the devil is here to stay!

Another species unique to the island - the thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger - is thought to have been extinct since 1936. The size of a dog with tiger-like stripes on its back, yet standing erect like a kangaroo and carrying its young in its pouch, the largest carnivorous marsupial on earth must have… Read on


Wildlife adventures in Argentina

Our visit to Argentina was incredible. The habitats were exactly what we wanted to experience and the internal organisation was excellent.

To start at the beginning: Kieran from Rooney's Boutique met us at Buenos Aires airport and took us to his hotel.  He was welcoming and informative on our journey, talking us through the itinerary and gave us breakfast. Rooney's was a great place to stay as it is in the centre of… Read on


Resident Killer Whales of Southern British Columbia

British Columbia’s Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) can charm and captivate both travellers seeing them for the first time, and those who have followed them for a lifetime. Their undeniable beauty tempts the greatest lenses from around the globe – though even more important is everything these killer whale families can teach us about our oceans, and how to be better wildlife stewards for generations to come.

I have grown up alongside the resident killer whale families that call the pacific northwest home. As a toddler, I rode along while my mother operated one of the first whale watching vessels to introduce visitors to the iconic three families known as J, K, and L pods. Our early mornings in… Read on


Weddell Sea Voyage - Buy one get one half price

Commemorate the centenary of Shackleton's epic expedition to the Weddell Sea with our 50% offer. Book a twin cabin on the January 2016 Weddell Sea Explorer voyage on board the ice-strengthened Ushuaia vessel and your companion pays just 50% of the voyage cost.

Following in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton, this voyage discovers the beauty of Antarctica and its stunning icebergs, superb birdlife and amazing wildlife, including humpback whales,Weddell and elephant seals, and penguins. Read on


Save up to £700 in Antarctica this December

Save up to £700 on our Great Antarctic Voyage, departing Argentina on 16 December 2015 - a magnificent trip visiting the best wildlife hotspots and exploring some of the most dramatic wilderness areas in Antarctica.

 The ice-strengthened Ortelius sails from Ushuaia, the world's most southerly city, to the Falkland Islands where you can see flightless steamer ducks, magellanic and gentoo penguins on Carcass Island, while nearby West Point boasts fantastic rockhopper penguin colonies. Peale's… Read on


Bear viewing at Grizzly Camp

Every day that I was at Grizzly Camp I was up at around 7am for breakfast and then out to one of the bear viewing spots by 0830am. It sounds late for being out wildlife watching, but in fact there are bears everywhere, so whether it was up at 5am and out at 6am, or up at 9am and out at 10am, it seems that quality of bear viewing and the number of bears around are likely to be the same. Some days of bear viewing were better than others of course, and overall the bear-viewing was probably better in the evening actually, but every day was excellent and all the sightings were superb.

In addition to watching the bears from the deck at camp - which is undoubtedly one of the prime locations for bear-viewing - there are two up-river spots that alternated between each day. Cameras and binoculars in hand I sat (with a knowledgeable bear guide) patiently waiting and watching, careful… Read on


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