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We write about our destinations, itineraries, and more generally, wildlife and conservation issues at home and overseas. Here you’ll find articles from customers and experts, including ourselves, and any offers we think you should know about.

India – Drama in the Jungle

Although Africa is the obvious choice for any naturalist travelling in pursuit of a big cat fix, for me few wildlife experiences compare to the… Read on


On the trail of the Iberian lynx

Late November in Andalusia, and the parched fields around Cordoba are as brown as Africa. It has only rained three times since May and every day… Read on


Expecting the unexpected in Guyana...

It had been an early start so I had to pinch myself. Wasn't I in Guyana? A country covered head to toe in rainforest in my mind's eye? Well, yes and… Read on


Wrangel Island: Voyage of a Lifetime

I’m not sure if it was Whalebone Alley or Cape Dezhnev that was the most moving of the two for me - both were incredibly poignant cultural stops on… Read on


Gearing up for Wildlife Photography

With Wildlife Worldwide’s tours giving you some incredible opportunities to see wildlife in the field, you're certainly going to want to make the… Read on


10 Tips for Wildlife Photography

I have always had a huge passion for the environment and sharing the stories of the natural world through photography, hoping to positively engage… Read on