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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We have a wonderful and long standing relationship with David Shepherd and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). As big fans of theirs, we have raised considerable sums of money for the Foundation and continue to support them in numerous other ways.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation logoMaking a difference to big wildlife in a big way

The Foundation supports a range of innovative and far-reaching long-term projects to save tigers, elephants, rhinos and other critically endangered mammals in the wild, throughout Africa and Asia. With your support here are some of the ways the Foundation is making a difference:

  • Sends undercover agents into the field to investigate illegal wildlife crime
  • Trains and supplies anti-poaching patrols
  • Funds our vital community outreach programmes
  • Persuades millions of people worldwide to stop buying wildlife products
  • Puts countless other critically important projects into action

In their own words

David and his daughter, Melanie, tell you about their perspective…

David Shepherd

David Shepherd painting“I know it is a compliment being known as ‘the chap who paints elephants’ but I am a landscape painter. It just happens that from time to time an elephant somehow gets into the composition! As a wildlife artist, in particular, I feel it is as essential to study the background as much as the animal itself.

“I have been to 29 national parks throughout Africa and Asia during my long life and I am often asked which is my favourite – it’s usually the last one I visited! But Zambia’s Luangwa Valley is near the top of the list. Once known as ‘the Valley of the Elephants’, it has over time seen its fair share of poaching. But as many readers will know, the Luangwa is still a top wildlife destination and it continues to inspire my paintings.

“Working with companies such as Wildlife Worldwide proves that sustainable tourism can play a vital role in wildlife conservation, not only in saving endangered species, but protecting the wilderness in which they survive and benefiting the local communities which share their environment.

Melanie Shepherd

“Man has contributed so much to the destruction of wildlife habitats and the wholesale slaughter of some the world’s most remarkable wildlife. If we are to ensure the survival of rare and beautiful species we must not relax our efforts for one second. With just 0.5% of the £7 billion donated annually to UK based charities going to animal causes, and even less to core conservation projects, we need your support TODAY… tomorrow will be too late!”