Derek Solomon

foo Derek Solomon has been leading special interest safaris in southern Africa for nearly 15 years and has an intimate knowledge of Africa’s wildlife. He has an avid interest in animal behaviour and communication and is currently working on a project on hippo communication together with a leading USA based hippo specialist. Derek is also recognised as one of the foremost bird authorities in the region and has published several books on bird identification. He has published four birding books: ‘Birdwatch Zimbabwe’ a field guide to birdwatching in Zimbabwe, ‘Kariba Birds’ a popular guide to the birds of Lake Kariba, Confusing Birds’ and ‘LBJs Made Easier’ in conjunction with bird artist and author, Kenneth Newman.

Based in Zimbabwe and Zambia and has been organising and leading special interest safaris all over Southern Africa since the mid ‘80s. Derek is currently working on a guide to the behaviour of the wildlife of East and Southern Africa, which he hopes will be published in 2003. Derek is currently working for Norman Carr Safaris in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley.

Derek will be running “Sounds of Africa” safari in the mornings and afternoons. Using sophisticated sound recording equipment he will be able to have up to 6 guests at any one time listening to the sounds of the bush through individual headphones, whilst we explain the bird or mammal behaviour related to these calls. A further development will be the use of an underwater hydrophone that will allow us to listen to underwater communication in hippos.

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