Jonathan Truss

foo Jonathan Truss has always had a fascination for wildlife and his early career as a professional musician and actor complimented his love of oil painting. His paintings are sold and collected around the world. His enthusiasm for his subjects and the never ending exciting trail for new reference extends to regular trips, camping under canvas in the incredible game parks of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

He is establishing himself as one of the countries leading Wildlife Artists and has many of his Wildlife paintings published by top U.K. fine art publisher Solomon & Whitehead as limited and open edition prints. With a rapidly growing number of collectors of his work, the limited edition print ‘Siberian Siesta’ sold out even before they were signed!

Join Jonathan on an “Art Safari” in the morning or afternoon, where he will be demonstrating and helping you to sketch and paint the beautiful African landscapes; from distant escarpments, to a foreground of long since fallen Acacias. Whether you are a complete amateur or an accomplished professional you will enjoy Jonathan`s unique sense of humour and excitement for his wildlife subjects. One artist, watching Jonathan demonstrating his painting techniques, recently said he had learnt more in one hour watching and chatting with Jonathan than he did in an entire oil painting course which he had recently attended.

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