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Earth Day 2018: Around the Earth in 7 Photos

Earth Day has got us thinking about the beautiful diverse landscapes across the world which are home to all the wildlife on the planet. The Earth on which we live is an amazing place but we all need to play our part in keeping it that way!

This year on Earth Day, the focus is on the large amounts of plastic waste damaging our magnificent planet. With increased knowledge of this, we can hopefully start to decrease our plastic waste.

Here we share some of Earth’s stunning landscapes to highlight the splendour that needs protecting:

{img_alt} 1) Antarctica, Polar

Making up more than 90% of the world’s ice, Antarctica is a stunning, vast wilderness that a surprising amount of hardy wildlife call home.

Group tour: Mingling with Penguins

{img_alt} 2) Northern Lights in Nupen, Norway, Europe

The Atlantic shores and fjords of Norway provide the opportunity for whale watching, combined with the chance to see the spectacular northern lights.

Group tour: Whales & Northern Lights

{img_alt} 3) The Arch at Spitzkoppe in Namibia, Africa

Featuring the world’s oldest desert, Namibia’s temperature often reaches over 40 degrees. Despite this heat, it is home to an incredible array of wildlife, from big cats to elephants.

Trip idea: Namibia Self-drive Safari

{img_alt} 4) Bald eagles in British Columbia, Canada, North America

Giant mountains, deep forests and offshore Pacific Ocean make British Columbia an awe-inspiring backdrop on which to observe bears, eagles and whales.

Trip idea: The Bear Essentials

{img_alt} 5) Pantanal in Brazil, Latin America

The world’s largest tropical wetland area, the Pantanal is also home to the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent.

Group tour: Wildlife of the Pantanal

{img_alt} 6) Hakuba Valley in Japan, Asia

Covered with more than 200 volcanoes and a diverse landscape, Japan contains snowy mountains as well as subtropical forests.

Group tour: Japan's Winter Wildlife

{img_alt} 7) Lake Wanda and Mount Aspiring in New Zealand, Australasia

Home to the clearest lake in the world, New Zealand also brings together forests, mountains and fjords, creating habitats for many endemic species.

Trip idea:New Zealand's Wild West Coast

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