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Slovenia: Brown Bears & Ural Owls

Why Slovenia I hear you ask? Well, this is quite simple, it is one of the easiest bear watching destinations to access anywhere in the world, and the… Read on


Wildlife Travel Calendar

This calendar has been put together by our team of experienced wildlife specialists. It is not intended to be 'complete', but a guide to help you… Read on


Kayaking with Whales

I’ve always loved being on water, but the kayaking in British Columbia is truly amazing. I was privileged to see not only humpback whales and a pod… Read on


Cruising into Canada’s wilderness

The pleasures of small-ship cruising are highlighted on a cruise to Canada’s spectacular Pacific Rim, where whales, wolves and spirit bears roam. Read on


Quebec, 40 years on

The first time I went to Quebec I was 10 years old. I went to Montreal while they were building the Olympic stadium, I went into a McDonalds for the… Read on


Meet the grizzly bears of Yukon

Each autumn grizzly bears arrive in great numbers at Bear Cave Mountain in the wilds of North Yukon, where the thermal activity provides ideal… Read on


Bear Cave Mountain trip report

I arrived into the Yukon after having been in the ‘Greatest’ Bear Rainforest accompanying our 21st anniversary trip in the company of professional… Read on


Small Group Wildlife Holidays

In some out-of-the-way parts of the world the logistics of travel are so complex, so specialised, or so expensive, that the only realistic way to get… Read on