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A Borneo blog by Immy Breen aged 11

In May 2015 I went on holiday with my Dad, Chris, to a place in Malaysia called Borneo. Dad said I need to write a blog about it so I could tell… Read on


Australia's natural history

Does any other creature signify an entire continent so obviously as the kangaroo? Even as simple silhouettes, kangaroos are unmistakably Australian.… Read on


Cruising into Canada’s wilderness

The pleasures of small-ship cruising are highlighted on a cruise to Canada’s spectacular Pacific Rim, where whales, wolves and spirit bears roam. Read on


Lady Luck and Jaguars

No matter how proficient you might be technically, no matter how thorough your knowledge of light and composition, there’s no getting away from the… Read on


The Scotts in Antarctica

This article, written by Jonathan Scott about Antarctica, was first published in November 2006. As part of the launch of our new website we are… Read on


Jonathan & Angie Scott in India

This article by Jonathan Scott is re-published as part of our series to mark the launch of our new website. They travelled with us to India in early… Read on