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India Revisited, India Rejuvenated

I grew up with images of Kipling’s Jungle Book dancing through my mind, so for as long as I can remember India and its wildlife has been woven into… Read on


Aye-aye - what’s all this then?

Another successful photographic trip in Madagascar brought some of the best wildlife sightings and photo opportunities you could ever hope for.… Read on


Pantanal - the cat’s whiskers

Highlights of September's Pantanal photo tour in Brazil included giant anteaters, southern tamunduas, and wealth of bird species. However, the… Read on


Kasanka National Park (Chris Breen)

Having first visited Kasanka National Park in the late 80’s (and many times since!), it was a pleasure to return there once again in November to… Read on


A Night Walk in Danum Valley

Tropical rainforest is my natural habitat. I first experienced its delights during a student expedition to Borneo in 1988 and consequently I’ve had… Read on


The Great Migration photo tour

Can you have too much of a good thing? Well in some instances certainly yes, but in others definitely no. I’ve just returned from the Serengeti,… Read on


Wildlife Discovery Evenings

We have just come to the end of our latest series of Discovery Evenings which took us all over the country, from Maidstone to Manchester, and provided… Read on