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Wildlife Travel Calendar

This calendar has been put together by our team of experienced wildlife specialists. It is not intended to be 'complete', but a guide to help you… Read on


Bears and whales at Knight Inlet

In September 2013 Christine and John Scotcher stayed at Knight Inlet Lodge in British Colombia. There was certainly no shortage of bear and whale… Read on


Amazing Azores!

In May 2013 Carolyn travelled to the Azores for a whistle-stop tour of four of its nine islands. Here she gives us a taster of what these atmospheric… Read on


The Scotts in Antarctica

This article, written by Jonathan Scott about Antarctica, was first published in November 2006. As part of the launch of our new website we are… Read on


Galapagos Wildlife Calendar

We have put together this Galapagos wildlife calendar as this unique archipelago has so much to offer in each different month of the year. As with our… Read on