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World class whale watching in Mexico

Wildlife Worldwide founder Chris Breen returns from a successful trip in Mexico’s Baja California, and shares with us tales of grey whales frolicking in San Ignacio Lagoon.

We organise some incredible whale watching trips around the world - to British Columbia on Canada's west coast, to Newfoundland and the Bay of Fundy on the east coast, swimming with humpbacks in the Dominican Republic, and ogling at the gigantic blue whales in Sri Lanka.

However, the Number 1 destination in the world for whale watching is, without question, Baja California and in particular San Ignacio Lagoon.  This is not just World class whale watching but (if there was such a thing) it is Universe class!

{img_alt} This is a place where the whales want to touch you and play with you, role around for you, and open their mouths so you can rub their baleen. They blow bubbles for you and (so gently) disappear to scratch their bellies on the under side of the boats or push on the stern of the boats to turn them round. It all seems to be such fun for them and it's impossible to know who is enjoying it more, the whales or us. 

{img_alt} For every lover of wildlife and for every lover of whales, Baja should be at the very top of the list of places to visit. It is a life changing place of pure joy, not only for those of us lucky enough to visit - but clearly for the grey whales that so obviously seek out and enjoy our interaction. {img_alt}

Join Chris on an exclusive voyage on board the Searcher to Baja's Pacific coast, or explore our selection of whale watching holidays around the world.