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Anjozorobe is an area of great importance and supports a wide range of fauna and flora. It is home to 82 species of birds and 11 species of lemur, including indris and diademed sifakas.

The forest also houses important populations of reptiles and amphibians found only in Madagascar, including numerous chameleons, as well as over 100 species of plants, including rare and wild orchids.

Quieter than some other reserves in Madagascar, Anjozorobe is 100 kilometres north of the capital, Antananarivo, covers around 66,500 hectares and is one of the last remnants of highland plateau forest to be found in the country.

Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: diademed sifaka, indri, lesser bamboo lemur, Parson’s chameleon, rufous brown mouse lemur
  • Where: Anjozorobe District, Madagascar