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This remarkable sinkhole, in a small area of deciduous forest on the edge of Rio da Prata, provides breathtaking views of dozens of beautiful, vibrant red-and-green macaws soaring and wheeling from the cliffs.

Two storey platforms overlooking the sinkhole provide remarkable viewing and photographic opportunities. On average there are 30-40 macaws in the vicinity at any one time, although there can often be many more. The red-and-green macaws are without doubt the main draw and are worth visiting the site for alone, however there are plenty of other birds to see and photograph, such as toco toucans, blue-crowned motmots and blue-headed trogons. Early morning and late afternoon visits are advised, to make the most of the light when photographing these vibrant birds.

Other wildlife, including broad-snouted caiman, whose survival remain a mystery, are found in the emerald lagoon at the base of the sinkhole, while mammals such as armadillos, anteaters and coatis, as well as 120 species of birds, have been recorded.

Buraco das Araras is located approximately 30 kilometres from Jardim and 60 kilometres from Bonito.

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Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: red-and-green macaw, toco toucan, blue-crowned motmot, blue-crowned trogon, broad-snouted caiman
  • Where: Southern Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

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