South of Puerto Limon, on the Caribbean coast, Cahuita National Park consists of an area of tropical forest and a lovely reef with an amazing variety of marine life.

The forest shelters various animals, including paca, racoons, northern tamandua, opossum, porcupine and capuchin monkey; while the marshes contain species such as green iguanas, basilisk lizards, gigantic blue crabs and many species of birds.

The reef extends outwards from Cahuita Point, from which it takes its name, and is home to sea urchins, moray eels, turtles, lobster and sharks.

  • Ideal for viewing: capuchin monkey, green iguana, northern tamandua, porcupine, racoon
  • Where: Limón Province, Costa Rica
  • View on Protected Planet Cahuita National Park

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Cahuita National Park is a wildlife location in Costa Rica


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