Udawattakele Rainforest Reserve is located on a hillside north of Kandy. The reserve is home to numerous animals and birds including: mouse deer, jackals, porcupines and civets.

With luck you may encounter one of the ’bird waves’ that are a feature of tropical forests. Often the forest initially appears devoid of birds, but the arrival of a mixed species feeding flock transforms the scene, as half a dozen or more species suddenly appear in the same field of view.

Udawattakele residents include white-rumped shama, Tickel’s flycatcher, emerald dove, white-bellied drongo, yellow-browed bulbul, scimitar babbler, brown, brown-breasted and grey-headed flycatchers, Indian blue robin and large-billed leaf-warbler. A small pool in the forest is often frequented by particularly large water monitors, and was once used as a location for a Tarzan film starring Bo Derek!

  • Ideal for viewing: Asian palm civet, mouse deer, muntjac, porcupine, toque macaque
  • Where: Central Province, Sri Lanka
  • View on Protected Planet Kandy & Udawattakele Forest Reserve

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