Situated in northeast Madagascar, the Masoala Peninsula contains the largest and wildest track of rainforest remaining on the island, and the largest number of species.

As a result it is one of the country’s top conservation priorities, and preservation of the incredibly high diversity of plant and animal life here has been helped by the creation of the Masoala National Park. Endemic to the peninsular is the sub-species of black-and-white ruffed lemur called the red ruffed lemur.

There are also many endemic bird species in Masoala and in recent years the Madagascar red owl and Madagascar serpent eagle were spotted here after a gap of almost 50 years. Despite the high numbers of animal species the wildlife in the rainforest can be hard to spot, but you may see species such as: aye aye, eastern fork-marked lemur, weasel sportive lemur, white-fronted brown lemur, greater hedgehog tenrec, Uroplatus geckos, chameleons and fosas.

The Masoala is accessible only by boat from Maroantsetra through the Gulf of Antongil, which is notorious for its sharks! Accommodation can be had nearby at the rustic guesthouse Chez Arol in the little village of Tampolo, from where night walks can be taken.

  • Ideal for viewing: Bernier’s vanga, eastern woolly lemur, helmet vanga, panther chameleon, red-ruffed lemur
  • Where: Sava Region, Madagascar

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