A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matobo’s diverse vegetation supports a wide range of wildlife, and the park introduced a protection zone where a large population of black and white rhinos are successfully breeding.

More common species found at Matobo include Klipspringer, zebra, hippo and giraffe.  Fish eagles, secretary bird, francolin and a large number of black eagles live here, thriving on a diet of rock hyrax.

The park occupies a land mass of 44,500 hectares and is just south of Bulawayo, in the magnificent Matobo Hills, hewn from a solid granite plateau by millions of years of erosion and weathering. As a result the terrain is rugged and magnificent, a paradise for hikers.

Matobo National Park is also the site of the grave of Cecil John Rhodes. He is buried at the summit of Malindidzimu -’hill of benevolent spirits’ – and a short walk from the parking area will lead the visitor to his grave, which is carved out of the solid granite hill and surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of massive boulders.

  • Ideal for viewing: black eagle, black rhino, Burchell’s zebra, South African giraffe, white rhino
  • Where: Bulawayo Province, Zimbabwe
  • View on Protected Planet Matobo National Park

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