This highland plateau lies in the north and is an area of open spaces and plentiful wildlife. Burchell’s zebra, eland, roan, reedbuck, blue duiker, klipspringer and bush pig all roam here, preyed on by leopard.

Amongst the 400 bird species found in the variety of habitats are: wattled crane, Denham’s bustard and red-winged francolin in the grassland, cinnamon dove, bar-tailed trogon in the upland forest, while black-backed barbets and red and blue sunbirds move through the miombo woodland canopy.

Nyika means ‘where the water comes from’ and you can find over 200 types of orchids in the park during the rainy season.  

  • Ideal for viewing: blue duiker, bushpig, leopard, red and blue sunbird, roan
  • Where: Chitipa Region, Malawi
  • View on Protected Planet Nyika Plateau National Park


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