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Sea Lion Island has plantations of spectacular tussac grass, providing a perfect habitat and protection for much of the islands’ varied fauna, including the Islands’ largest elephant seal colony, numbering 1,800!

Amongst the bird species normally seen on the Island are five species of penguins and five birds of prey, including the striated caracara. In addition, every year brings exciting sightings of vagrants – pods of orca circle the Island in pursuit of seals and sea lions.

Leopard seals and larger whales are also seen from time to time. Many of the Island’s plants are quite rare and a joy to see. Sea Lion Island is popular with some of the world’s top professional photographers, and many prize-winning shots have been taken of the scenery and wildlife here, yet even with the most basic equipment the amateur photographer will certainly take some great shots too.

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Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: elephant seal, leopard seal, orca, South American sealion, sooty shearwater
  • Where: East Falkland, Falkland Islands

Wildlife trips

This wildlife location is featured in the following itineraries:

Festival of Wildlife Photography

Rightly referred to as ‘the most staggering wildlife show on earth’, South Georgia in spring during the breeding season is like being immersed in your very own private wildlife documentary. Join us on a Festival cruise for a celebration of Antarctica's wildlife, under the guidance of expert photographers.

  • When to go: Oct-Nov
  • Duration inc. flights: 19 days
  • Price exc. flights: From £9,395 pp
  • Trip type: Group tour

Frozen South Adventure

Following the huge success of our 2015 wildlife expedition to South Georgia, by popular demand we return to this gloriously unforgettable region of Antarctica with renowned expert Mark Carwardine, spending a few days in the Antarctic Peninsula to complete the trip.

  • When to go: Nov
  • Duration exc. flights: 20 days
  • Price exc. flights: From £12,995 pp
  • Trip type: Group tour

Highlights of The Falkland Islands

Famed for their wild and remote location, the Falkland Islands are home to a superb collection of hardy wildlife. This suggested itinerary visits all the islands that are open to visitors, where you will find beaches filled with seals and sealions, five species of penguins, and over 200 bird species.

  • When to go: Oct-Mar
  • Duration inc. flights: 19 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £6,995 pp
  • Trip type: Tailor-made trip idea
Suggested accommodation is shown below. Please contact us for further recommendations.

Sea Lion Lodge

The only purpose-built tourist lodge in the Falklands Islands, Sea Lion Lodge is one of the most luxurious places to stay on the archipelago, and affords some spectacular views of the South Atlantic. It offers a level of comfort and amenity you might not altogether expect in such a remote location.