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You’re in safe hands with us. Our team has travelled the world and has years of experience in the travel industry…

Chris Breen

Photo of Chris Breen

The inspiration for it all, Chris managed a lodge and worked as a safari guide for a prestigious local operator in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley way back when. Subsequent experience in the UK travel industry led him to want to do it properly – which led to the founding of Wildlife Worldwide in 1992. An unabashed networker, Chris is widely known throughout the industry, and is often the first port of call for anyone seeking ‘the knowledge’. Many – if not most – new ideas spring from his head.

Dan Free

Photo of Dan Free

The Manager of Wildlife Worldwide, Dan graduated with an MSc in Zoology, before spending six weeks exploring India’s tiger reserves. Moving on to Central and South America and Africa, he worked on conservation projects and gained a wealth of big-cat knowledge, before returning to the UK where he worked as an ecologist. Having joined the exciting world of wildlife travel in 2011, Dan has led and researched trips to many destinations including Brazil, Chile, The Falklands, Borneo, Japan and Ethiopia.

Chris Osborn

Photo of Chris Osborn

Having worked with Wildlife Worldwide for longer than anyone other than our founder, Chris Breen, Chris (or Ozzy as he is known) brings a wealth of knowledge, and an equally vast experience of planning itineraries to meet the needs and wants of our clients. An inveterate traveller, Ozzy has visited most of our destinations – in some cases on several occasions – but is still keen to extend the boundaries of his knowledge, so seldom passes up an opportunity to get out of the office.

Isabel Ashworth

Photo of Isabel Ashworth

We are deeply saddened that our much loved and valued colleague Isabel Ashworth passed away on the 10th March 2018 following a long and tiring battle with cancer. She will be remembered by all of us as someone who had a warm and welcoming smile, a bright and sparkling personality and a desire to excel in everything she did. Isabel began working at Wildlife Worldwide in late December 2005 and immediately made an impact. Professional, thoughtful, imaginative and creative, Iz was the first port of call for countless people in respect of exciting wildlife holidays and she charmed many clients and staff over the years into travelling to some of the world’s most wonderful places. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all her family. We miss her terribly.

Helen Bryon

Photo of Helen Bryon

After an idyllic Botswana childhood, Helen returned to the UK in her teens, then spent two years globe-trotting before studying Geography. After 16 years with a renowned UK travel company, Africa called her back to live her dream and qualify as a safari guide, followed by four fabulous years on a private reserve. A self-confessed Africa junkie (although Patagonia and the Galápagos are up there too!), Helen brings fantastic knowledge to bear as a wildlife consultant.

Sarah Malcolm

Photo of Sarah Malcolm

After a childhood spent horseback riding on Exmoor and North Devon’s coast, Sarah followed her passion for the outdoors to Africa where she spent several seasons working for horseback safari outfits in Botswana and Kenya. Her love of wildlife led her to study Zoology at Newcastle University, following which she spent eight months travelling through the Indian subcontinent. Working in wildlife travel is the ultimate way to combine her deep rooted love of nature with travel.

Emma Healey

Photo of Emma Healey

Having spent many years travelling to far flung destinations with her camera, Emma brings her love of wildlife photography, nature and travel to the Wildlife Worldwide team. She is happy in anything from a tent to a boutique lodge, provided she is surrounded by nature and armed with a camera. Emma has travelled extensively, with Canada, Borneo and Kenya being among her favourites and her bucket list is constantly growing!

Helen Cox

Photo of Helen Cox

With an adventurous spirit, Helen’s drive to explore the natural world has led her to travel extensively, with all seven continents and 60 countries under her belt. As a zoologist, Helen was in her element - immersed in nature - when running biodiversity survey expeditions in the forests of Nicaragua and Madagascar. Now home in the Devonshire countryside and a member of our sales team, she takes great pleasure in helping others to enjoy awe-inspiring natural history experiences around the world.

Chris Smith

Photo of Chris Smith

The third Chris in our midst joined after graduating from Southampton University with a degree in Geography. He has an impressive travel pedigree for one so youthful, which includes visits to Madagascar, Canada, Australia, India, Peru and Guyana. Antarctica is the only continent he hasn’t visited (yet!), and he has been to Alaska no less than four times – a place that has provided him with some of his best wildlife encounters.

Nick Acheson

Photo of Nick Acheson

Nick lived for ten years in Bolivia, has spent over three years in Asia and has worked with wildlife on every continent. When not developing new tours, he can be found in the field, leading them. A lifelong naturalist and conservationist, he is equally at home spotlighting in Bornean rainforest, watching cheetahs in sub-Saharan Africa, or curled up in the Norfolk cottage he shares with his rescued bantam Beulah.

Katy Barlow

Photo of Katy Barlow

Katy joins the Wildlife Worldwide team with over 20 years of experience within the travel industry, alongside a genuine passion for travel and providing first class customer service. A regular traveller herself, and a great lover of the outdoors, Borneo is one of her favourite destinations, having spent many holidays there.  At home Katy enjoys dog walks in the Hampshire countryside with her family. 

Nick Joynes

Photo of Nick Joynes

Taking a career break from Television Production, an extensive period of independent travel only served to heighten Nicks fascination of the world, people, wildlife and extreme environments. A career change in 2001 led to roles as an Operations Manager and Group Leader before creating a school expedition brand. Despite helping to run all aspects of the business, Nick still manages to personally lead specialist itineraries - especially to Namibia.

Teresa Bennett

Photo of Teresa Bennett

A former co-worker with Chris Breen in his (and her) early days in travel, Teresa branched out in 2000 to form Dive Worldwide, the other main brand under The Natural Travel Collection banner. When not schmoozing with tourist boards and suppliers, she oversees our product development and looks after the finances. Of course she is a lover of wild things and takes as much time as she can to enjoy the wilderness and all that’s in it.

Brian Wood

Photo of Brian Wood

Having previously set up his own successful travel company , and worked as a tourism consultant, Brian has long experience of product development and operational management. He lived, worked and travelled in Latin America, but also brings considerable knowledge of Africa, where he is a partner in a business in Tanzania, as well as Asia and Europe. As a former tour leader, guide of long standing and linguist extraordinaire, his skills are of great value.

Carolyn Neville

Photo of Carolyn Neville

Over her 30 year career in travel Carolyn has held various positions, and applies the vast experience she has accumulated to resolving many of the issues that other people can’t (or won’t!) cope with. The powerhouse behind layers of detailed administrative work, she loves travelling, her highlights being self-driving in Namibia, bear watching on Vancouver Island and kissing grey whales in Baja!

Henrieta Wiltshire-Munns

Photo of Henrieta Wiltshire-Munns

In a two-tone world of debtors and creditors, accountant Henrieta’s view of life is quite straightforward and uncomplicated – red and black. She arrived in the UK over years ago from Slovakia and worked in business travel handling large corporate accounts. While keeping a tight rein on our spending, she chases up recalcitrant payers with a vengeance – be warned! She enjoys cycling and lists Belize and Borneo among her favourite destinations.

Sally Emden

Photo of Sally Emden

Sally has worked for specialist travel companies for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge of sales and marketing. Now combining her passion for travel and wildlife, she is delighted to head up the marketing team at Wildlife Worldwide. Her favourite travel experiences include getting up close to polar bears in Canada, whale-watching in New Zealand and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Sue Noakes

Photo of Sue Noakes

An indeterminate time ago Sue left a responsible job as sales manager with a tour operator in London and headed off to spend a year travelling the world. Inevitably that experience brought about change and she married her travelling companion on their return. While now looking after various aspects of our marketing, Sue’s other main love is horses – to the extent that we’re no longer sure of the ranking order between horses, family and travel.

Estelle Somers

Photo of Estelle Somers

Whilst growing up in South Africa, Estelle developed a deep love for the natural world and travel, and has followed this love throughout her life. With 14 years travel industry experience and 8 years digital marketing knowledge, she is delighted to have the opportunity to combine her work experience and passion for wildlife and travel, whilst looking after things involving our websites and Google searches.

Bret Charman

Photo of Bret Charman

With a love for all things with fur, scales and feathers, as well as faraway places, it was virtually inevitable that Bret would end up in travel. His first job was managing a remote bush camp in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park before he returned to the UK. After taking a year out to pursue his love of wildlife photography in Australia, he was keen to get back into the thick of things and join our growing marketing team.

Mel Kinder

Photo of Mel Kinder

Mel rejoined Wildlife Worldwide after a break and gaining valuable marketing experience at a nearby secondary school, having previously co-organised four of our Festivals of Wildlife to India, Canada, Madagascar and Tanzania. There have been many highlights in her travels, however the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and witnessing a young male tiger swerving to miss her vehicle whilst chasing a chital in Ranthambore come top of the list.

Lizzie Walker-Arnott

Photo of Lizzie Walker-Arnott

After spending three years as a professional photographer, Lizzie has now joined the Wildlife Worldwide marketing team. With a love for nature, the outdoors and adventure, Lizzie has a growing list of places she wants to visit and a self-converted campervan in which to do it. The trips on her bucket-list include exploring Norwegian fjords under the northern lights, coming face to face with elephants on safari and helping with turtle conservation in Costa Rica.