Mount Mulanje in the south of Malawi is a fabulous destination for serious walkers. This magnificent mountain has steep rocky sides rising almost 3000 metres above the surrounding countryside.

At 3,000 metres, it is one of Central Africa’s highest mountains, with an impressive array of peaks, plateaux, rolling grassland, montane forest and rushing streams. As you climb higher the vegetation changes with altitude and there’s plenty of wildlife from the Klipspringer, a tiny antelope, to various other small mammals and, of course, a variety of birds such as buzzard, black eagle and countless white-necked ravens. Fishing for trout is possible in the River Lichenya, which drains the southwestern slopes.

Laurens van der Post wrote about the mystique of the mountain at some length, in his bestselling book ‘Venture to the Interior.’ Visitors can take three and four day guided hikes. staying in the simple cabins on the mountain.

  • Where: Mulanje District, Malawi

Mount Mulanje is a location in Malawi ideal for: Hiking |


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