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Watching jaguars in the wild is a joy. Our expert guides will take you to the very best places to see these beautiful, photogenic carnivores. Our jaguar trekking tours and jaguar safaris offer a range of trips and locations chosen to provide the very best wildlife experiences.

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Why our jaguar watching holidays are so successful

Locations are carefully chosen to offer the best chance of sightings
Expert naturalist guides contribute local knowledge and experience
We allow enough time to have a realistic opportunity of sightings
We can tailor a jaguar tracking trip to your specific requirements

More about jaguar and where to see them

The largest of South America's big cats, jaguars form a single species that once roamed from the southern tip of the continent as far north as the United States and Mexico border. 

Today, however, the jaguar is found only in remote regions of South and Central America – particularly the Amazon Basin, the Pantanal in Brazil, and the jungles of Guyana. 

About Jaguar

The jaguar (Panthera onca) is a powerful carnivore that figured prominently in many native cultures. Unlike many cats, jaguars do not avoid water but are good swimmers. Rivers provide prey such as fish, turtles and caiman, but they also hunt deer, peccaries, capybaras and tapirs, sometimes climbing trees to prepare an ambush and killing their prey with one powerful bite.

Most are tan or orange with distinctive black rosettes, but some are so dark they appear to have no markings, although closer inspection invariably reveals otherwise. They live alone and mark their territories by defecating or clawing trees. Females have litters of one to four cubs, which are born blind and helpless but learn to hunt during the two years or so they spend with their mother.

Best places to see Jaguar

Brazil’s famed Pantanal wetland provides the perfect habitat for jaguars, here you can explore the maze of channels and seek out these amazing creatures whilst staying on a river boat, or stay in lodges and explore on daily excursions to see jaguar and the wealth of other wildlife in the area.

In Peru's Amazon rainforest, you can assist with a jaguar conservation project and join experts to assess the impact of human behaviour on the jaguar population.

The pristine rainforests of Guyana are also home to Jaguar. You can explore Guyana, and search for jaguar and many other mammals, on our  Lost Land of the Jaguar suggested itinerary.

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