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Our collection of wildlife photography holidays has been designed to offer the perfect combination of outstanding wildlife viewing, exceptional photography opportunities and expert tuition. We offer a wide choice of photography trips for all abilities, such as...

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Why our Wildlife Photography Holidays are so successful

Our carefully selected locations offer the finest wildlife & photographic opportunities
Trips are accompanied by award-winning wildlife photographers
We offer a variety of fauna and flora photography trips to suit all abilities.
Small group sizes allow you to benefit from experts’ personal tuition.

What to expect on a Wildlife Photography Holiday

On each of these unique wildlife photography trips, you will have an opportunity to develop your technical skills through a series of informal workshops ‘in the field’. Suitable for all levels from basic to advanced, the workshops cover a variety of photographic techniques and skills relevant to the subject matter and/or particular habitat.

Expert photographic leaders will offer as much one-to-one time and tuition as is feasible, and the pace of the trips is such that there is ample time to get the most from the photographic potential of each location visited. On some trips, when you’re not busy with your camera, you can even try your hand at a completely different skill, such as wildlife sculpture or painting!

Wildlife Photography Experts

Accompanying each carefully-designed tour will be an experienced leader, who is also an acclaimed expert in their particular field. These include: BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year category winner Nick Garbutt, who leads a series of wildlife photography tours worldwide; award-winning broadcaster, photographer and zoologist Mark Carwardine; as well as wildlife documentary cameraman Warren Samuels and birding expert Ashley Grove. Highly acclaimed photographer Jonathan Scott has also been an extremely popular expert on trips in Namibia and our Festival of Wildlife in Kenya.

UK Photography Workshops

As part of our growing series of wildlife photography tours, we now offer workshops closer to home, allowing you to spend a weekend learning the techniques and principles of a variety of photographic skills 

For example, in Oxford, you can explore the world of lizards, snakes and spiders with ‘Jungle Jonathan’, or perhaps join us in the beautiful meadows of Dorset for a weekend of butterflies, bees and other insects.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Whether you are interested in learning a new skill, looking to improve your technique, or are an experienced photographer, we are confident you’ll enjoy your experience and come back with some amazing images. These are some of the wonderful comments from previous photographic trips:

“I booked this trip because of the sculpture/photography component. It all worked exceptionally well and I loved every minute. The additional activities were unexpected but very much appreciated.” Zambia

“Nick and Alex were excellent teachers, who went the extra mile; this was the best photo tour/workshop I have ever been on. It exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be booking again. Could not have been a better holiday.”  Austria

“We found our tour leader, excellent, knowledgeable and his workshops on all aspects of photography were extremely helpful.”  India

“We had a very good trip with Nick Garbutt who was an excellent group leader, very helpful for those needing photographic assistance.”  Tanzania

Tailor made trips

Whilst most of our trips are based on joining a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, our knowledgeable team of wildlife experts will be happy to arrange a tailor made photographic trip to any of our worldwide destinations.

Highlights range from close-up grizzlies in British Columbia to the stunning birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea, and the desert adapted wildlife and exquisite scenery of Namibia to the graceful tigers of India. Closer to home, you can photograph brown bears from dedicated hides at Martinselkonen Nature Reserve in Finland.

Types of Photography

Rainforest Photography: On trips to Borneo, the Amazon and Madagascar, there are specific skills to be acquired in order to get the best out of photographing wildlife in what is undoubtedly a challenging environment. For example, whether day or night, using a flash appropriately is a key part of wildlife photography, as is keeping that all important equipment dry in a tropical rainforest!

Wildlife Safari Photography: Timing is everything on trips to such locations as Tanzania or Kenya, where the perfect photographic day starts before dawn, and ends from late afternoon until dusk, when the light is rich and warm. Your expert leader will be on hand to help you achieve the perfect image, be that predator, prey or stunning scenery.

Macro Photography: Subjects such as the fascinating insects in our very own nature reserves, the stunning floral landscapes of Namaqualand, and the colourful butterflies in Austria’s alpine meadows, offer endless opportunities for close-up or macro photography. The basic principles of close-up photography are the same as all other forms of picture taking, however there are obviously consequences of close focusing, and careful focusing is required.

Photographic hides

Many of our chosen locations are equipped with specialist photographic hides, carefully positioned to witness wildlife at close proximity, allowing you to capture intimate and unique images. Our particular favourites are shown below, however there are many more to choose from throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Some lodges and tented camps even have dedicated in-house naturalist photographers who are on hand to assist you to develop your skills. 

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