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The Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary is a new environmental project, which is to be one of the largest coastal reserves in South Australia, protecting 60 kilometres of coastline on the Gulf St Vincent.

Along with an impressive variety of resident birdlife, over five million migratory birds from 22 countries including Russia and Alaska flock to these shores on their annual migration along the East Asian-Australasian flyway. Habitat loss along the flyway has resulted in a dramatic decline in some already endangered species and the reserve will safeguard what is now an essential nesting ground for over 50 species of migratory birds.

The salt fields in this region are considered to be some of the most ecologically important sites on the continent, hosting a significant portion of the world’s population of sharp-tailed sandpiper and red-necked stint. Over 17 species of rare and endangered breeds such as the curlew sandpiper and lesser knot are found here, and the hope is that these vulnerable species will now be given a chance to regenerate. 

This is an exemplary environmental project, which illustrates the responsibility we all have to protect vulnerable habitats from urbanisation. 

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Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: Pacific golden plover, curlew sandpiper, sharp-tailed sandpiper, red-necked stint, lesser knot
  • Where: South Australia, Australia

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