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Coorong National Park’s long, saline lagoons, coastal dunes, saltpans and surf battered beaches offer a haven for thousands of shorebirds, including the Australian pelican, and several migratory species.

Covering over 50,000 hectares, Coorong is an internationally significant RAMSAR wetland, providing a safe haven for migratory waders and waterfowl, many of which are species in danger of extinction. A total of 238 bird species have been spotted here, including red-necked stint and sharp-tailed sandpiper, black swan and Cape Barren goose, fairy tern and the rare little tern. Resident species include red-necked avocet and hooded plover. The superb fairy wren, although normally preferring forested areas, can also be found in the scrubby habitats around the lagoons. 

In addition to its birdlife, Coorong is home to more than 40 mammal and reptile species, and 278 plant species.

Just 90 minutes south from Adelaide, situated where the Murray River meets the sea, Coorong is also an important archaeological site, being of tremendous cultural significance to the Ngarrindjeri people – the traditional custodians of Coorong’s lands and waters.

Coorong is a timeless wilderness, a vast wetland ecosystem that can be explored on foot, along the many bush trails, or by kayak of 4WD, offering ever fresh opportunities to birdwatch and take photographs. 

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Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: Cape Barren goose, emu, fairy tern, Australian pelican, red-necked avocet
  • Where: South Australia, Australia

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Visiting some of South Australia’s diverse and wildlife-rich habitats, we hope to see over 200 species of birds including Cape Barren goose, little penguin and three species of cockatoo, as well as many fascinating endemic mammals, such as short-beaked echidna, southern hairy-nosed wombat, koala and kangaroo.

  • When to go: Sep-Oct
  • Duration inc. flights: 15 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £4,895 pp
  • Trip type: Group tour