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Andasibe-Mantadia National Park combines the forests of Mantadia with the Analamazoatra Reserve. The latter is home to habituated groups of indri and visitors are virtually assured of a close sighting of this fabulous lemur.

There are nine species of lemur in the smaller Analamazaotra Reserve, so as well as the indri you may also see the brown, and lesser bamboo lemurs, plus three nocturnal species: rufous mouse, greater dwarf, and eastern woolly lemurs. It has an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna, and a well-planned system of trails.

Neighbouring Mantadia, 20 kilometres to the north and a vast tract of protected rainforest, has a hillier terrain, with fewer established trails through its impressive forest. However, explorers may well be rewarded by a sighting of two additional species of lemur not found in Analamazaotra: the black-and-white ruffed lemur and the beautiful diademed sifaka.

The area claims a world record for the number of frog species, which include the brightly coloured golden mantella. Most reptiles and frogs are seen during night walks, particularly during the spring, summer and autumn months, September to May, when nocturnal lemurs are at their most active. There is also a good chance of seeing chameleons, including the impressively long Parson’s chameleon and the tiny nose-horned chameleon, best sighted at the end of the rainy season in October/November.

Over 100 species of birds make the reserve their home, many of which are endemic such as: Madagascar green sunbird, Madagascar falcon, Madagascar long-eared owl and the Madagascar wagtail. Botanists too, will not be disappointed as the dense, humid forest of Andasibe-Mantadia contains lians, moss, fern trees, precious woods, such as pallisander and ebano, and over 100 species of orchid.

Somewhat confusingly, recent name changes mean the park may still be known variously as: Analamazaotra, Périnet or Indri Special Reserve. The Park has good access and lies roughly four hours drive from Antananarivo.

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Key info

  • Ideal for viewing: diademed sifaka, indri, Parson’s chameleon, red-fronted coua, leaf-tailed gecko
  • Where: Alaotra-Mangoro Region, Madagascar

Wildlife trips

This wildlife location is featured in the following itineraries:

An Island Apart

Enjoy taking in Madagascar’s extraordinary habitats and unique wildlife on this specialist trip. Travelling with acclaimed wildlife photographer, Nick Garbutt, spend time tracking endangered golden-crowned sifakas, gorgeous diademed sifakas and colourful chameleons in lush, verdant rainforest.

  • When to go: Sep-Nov
  • Duration inc. flights: 21 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £8,395 pp
  • Trip type: Group tour

Madagascar Lemurs

This trip idea visits a variety of Madagascar’s habitats, all brimming with endemic fauna and flora. Enjoy guided day and night walks in the forest to search for a multitude of species, including diademed sifaka, black and white ruffed lemur and the tiny nocturnal Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur.

  • When to go: Jan-Dec
  • Duration inc. flights: 15 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £3,995 pp
  • Trip type: Tailor-made trip idea

Southern Highlights

Journey through the highlands to the dry spiny forest of Ifaty, home to an excellent diversity of birdlife and the most bizarre flora. Staying in comfortable accommodation, this trip also visits the Andasibe-Mantadia rainforest for virtually assured sightings of indri, brown lemur and rufous mouse lemur.

  • When to go: Jan-Dec
  • Duration inc. flights: 15 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £3,295 pp
  • Trip type: Tailor-made trip idea

Endangered Sifakas of the North

This unique safari takes in two of the best, but least visited, areas of northern Madagascar. Marojejy National Park is home to ten lemur species, whilst in Andasibe you can enjoy day and night walking safaris to spot species such as the mouse lemur, dwarf lemur and woolly lemur, as well as chameleons and frogs.

  • When to go: Apr-Dec
  • Duration inc. flights: 15 days
  • Price inc. flights: From £3,795 pp
  • Trip type: Tailor-made trip idea
Suggested accommodation options are shown below. Please contact us for further recommendations.

Eulophiella Lodge

Set in spacious grounds next to its own private area of forest, this lodge consists of ten bungalows and a large bar and restaurant. As well as good birdwatching, the adjoining forest offers chances to see indri, diademed sifakas, red-bellied lemurs, and there are nocturnal walks to see dwarf and woolly lemurs.

Hotel Feon’ny ala

This friendly lodge is situated next to a small lake close to the entrance to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, and offers a wonderful view of the forest. The thatched bungalows are basic but comfortable, and lemurs, including indris, can often be seen directly in front of the lodge.

Vakona Forest Lodge

Located between the two parts of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Vakona is set in a natural amphitheatre that echoes with birdsong. Its cottages are built on a hillside, and a short walk from the lodge, four or five habituated lemur species live on a private reserve occupying a small island.