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Discover our trips and locations focused on the most popular types of wildlife…

Whale watching

There are few wildlife experiences that surpass the majesty of a whale at close quarters. From orca's in Europe, to humpbacks in Antarctica - our whale watching holidays take you to the very best locations to see whales.

Bear watching

Our bear watching trips offer a vast array of supreme bear watching locations. From brown bears in Europe, grizzlies and black bears in Canada, to the magnificent honey-coloured spirit bear, and the mighty polar bears.

Gorilla trekking

Seeing gorillas in the wild is high on the list for many of us who love wildlife. Whether you're looking for a short break to fulfill your dream, or a longer trip to see other wildlife as well, we have the perfect trip to suit your needs.

Tiger safaris

Watching one of the world's most iconic endangered species, is an experience you won't forget. We specialise in taking you to the very best locations, to see these powerful and evocative animals in the wild.

Jaguar watching

Coming face to face with a jaguar in the wild is hard to beat. These huge, powerful predators are found in remote regions of South and Central America. Our expert guides will take you to the best places for up-close sightings.

Orangutan watching

Our orangutan holidays take you to search for these great apes in the wild, as well as see them in semi-wild sanctuaries where orphans, captured, and injured animals are taken care of and rehabilitated.

Polar bear watching

The mighty polar bear is a spectacular animal to see in the wild. You can choose to view them from a range of trips, which include the "Polar Bear capital of the world" in Canada, and exciting expedition voyages to the Arctic.

Penguin watching

Penguins are found in a wide range of habitats, spanning from Antarctica to as far north as the Galapagos Islands. Whether you want to see a particular species, vast numbers, or as many species as possible - we have the perfect trip.

Wolf watching

These beautiful predators can be seen in North America, Europe and Africa. Find out about our range of trips which will take you to see the grey wolf, Eurasian wolf or even the world's rarest canine - the Ethiopian wolf.


Taking time to observe the beautiful birds that are such an important part of our wild world is one of the great pleasures of life. We can tailor a trip to suit your needs and find that special species on your wishlist.

Dolphin watching

Dolphins are great fun to watch and everyone loves their charismatic nature. From mega pods of spinner dolphins, to helping with bottlenose dolphin research - our trips will get you up-close with these remarkable mammals.

Trip types

We offer wildlife holidays with distinctly different formats. Discover our trips and wildlife locations by type…

Group tours

From the Arctic and Antarctic, to the Galapagos Islands, Canada, Alaska and Mexico, our collection of wildlife cruises offer a spectacular way to witness some of the world’s most exciting wildlife events.

Wildlife cruises

From the Arctic and Antarctic, to the Galapagos Islands, Canada, Alaska and Mexico, our collection of wildlife cruises offer a spectacular way to witness some of the world’s most exciting wildlife events.

Wildlife festivals

Our Wildlife Festivals are unique trips designed to celebrate and learn about wildlife, in the company of wildlife celebrities and top experts. Choose from the Festival of Whales, Festival of Bears or Festival of Wildlife.

Walking safaris

Walking safaris are offered in many destinations across Africa and some in India. Being on foot, with an outstanding guide, is a truly unforgettable way to feel at one with nature and experience all that is around you.

Flying safaris

Our flying safaris provide a unique and truly spectacular way to see wildlife. From the deserts of Namibia, to flood plains of Northern Australia - we visit remote and inaccessible areas for the very best wildlife experience.

Wildlife photography

Our wildlife photography holidays provide the perfect combination of outstanding wildlife viewing, exceptional photography opportunities and expert tuition to suit all levels of ability.

Photography tours with Nick Garbutt

Join a photography trip with Nick Garbutt – one of the world’s top wildlife photographers. Small group sizes ensure all levels benefit from Nick’s personal tuition, informal workshops and wildlife expertise.

Wildlife Art Safaris

Our art safari holidays offer the perfect combination to view wildlife in amazing locations alongside activities such as painting and sculpture, all under the guidance of skilled tutors.

Mark Carwardine wildlife holidays

Our holidays with Mark Carwardine offer the opportunity to join a renowned wildlife expert, award winning writer, photographer and BBC broadcaster, on a trip of a lifetime to some of the world’s best wildlife destinations.

Wildlife for families

Our collection of family wildlife holidays are carefully selected to offer everything families need. From the finest and 'family friendly' eco lodges, to the very best wildlife reserves and special family experiences.

Vehicle safaris

Heading out in an open 4-wheel drive is the classic ‘safari’ experience. All-round visibility makes a vehicle safari excellent for getting the best views of wildlife, and offers fantastic photographic opportunities.


Our self-drive wildlife holidays allow you to explore independently and take in the scenery and wildlife at your own pace. We will arrange the perfect itinerary to suit you, and provide all the logistical information you need.

Walking with wildlife

Although walking safaris are synonymous with Africa we think that ‘walking with wildlife’ is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the natural world and we’re developing a worldwide programme to prove it!

Just Conservation

Our wildlife conservation trips offer you the opportunity to take part in carefully selected conservation projects, making an important difference to our planet’s treasured habitats and wildlife.

River safaris

Whether in the Pantanal Wetlands in Brazil, or on the Chobe River in Botswana, our river safaris provide a fascinating perspective from which to get close to, photograph or simply observe wildlife.